The offshore industry is experiencing a continuous move into deeper waters, more remote and hostile environments and more complex field developments. This trend presents new challenges which are being met through innovative technology.

Our expertise is in the detailed engineering, qualification, fabrication and testing of tailor-made subsea structures fully in compliance with the highest level of client’s specifications and international standards.

Manifolds are the key building blocks for subsea infrastructure, connecting wells to export pipelines and risers, and onwards to receiving floater, platforms and onshore facilities. Subsea manifolds are used to merge the flow from multiple subsea wells for transfer into production flowlines and to manage distribution of injected water, gas and chemicals.

In an environment that is both harsh and fragile, key challenges for these technologies are long-term reliability and safety – with the flexibility to meet each field’s unique characteristics and enable expansion over time.

For these applications we can supply a variety of pipeline integrated structures, such as inline tees (ILT’s), inline valves (ILV’s) and pipeline end terminations (PLET’s), but also free-standing structures such as manifolds (PLEM’s) and temporary equipment like subsea launchers and receivers, A&R heads and further auxiliary fabricated items.


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PLET’s, PLEMs, and Tees can incorporate one or multiple tie-in points, vertical or horizontal, with other components such as isolation gate or ball valves, diverter valves, pig-launcher facilities, an array of sensors, or wyes.  Designs can incorporate features to suit any installation method or vessel.

A PLET is the end or termination of a pipeline. The skid typically contains a male hub that serves as an attachment point for a jumper. The jumper utilizes a collet connector to make a permanent connection. There may also be other components on the skid such as ROV interface panels, ball valves and associated mud mats.

A PLEM serves as a manifold to split the product flow into multiple routes that may feed into an FPSO, refinery and holding tanks concurrently.  A PLEM will contain such components as hubs, wyes, ball valves, ROV-interface panels and jumper systems that may include connectors etc. 

The In-line Tee (ILT) is an integrated equipment package that creates a branched line tie-in point along a pipeline.  By creating a tee along the pipeline, the operator can plan for tie-in points to fit future expansion plans. The ILT system is integrated into a skid with necessary valves, lifting and support structures, mudmats and piping components. This facilitates simple installation into the line during launching and pipe-lay operations.)