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Fuel Gas Conditioning Skid

Gas Conditioning System

A Gas Conditioning Skid is designed to pre-treat natural gas prior to injecting into a critical process or a Gas Turbine. Fuel Gas Conditioning systems are also frequently used to process and treat wellhead gas prior to transmission and distribution.

In gas turbine applications, conditioning of natural gas is critical because it increases the life cycle and performance of the turbine. Untreated gas can cause premature combustion, component distress, erosion of components, and nozzle plugging.

In pipeline applications, conditioning of natural gas is required to meet stringent pipeline specifications for transmission of the treated gas to market.

Fuel Gas Conditioning

The fuel gas skid performs following main functions: enhance fuel gas quality by eliminating condensate, filtering particulates, regulating pressure and controlling the temperature. For removal of the liquid droplets and solid contaminants from the gas various styles of filter elements can be used in the pressure vessels. The liquid contaminants are collected in a sump and automatically drained from the system for easy operations.

In general electric heaters will be used for temperature adjustment. When required alternative heating systems (i.e steam) can be incorporated. The proper removal of moisture and solid particles from the gas prior to critical usages has shown to improve the operation of the rotating equipment.

FB Group offers custom designed systems and controls to meet the requirements of each application, including fine filtration, coalescing filtration, process heating and pressure regulating. Our systems are modular designed, skid mounted, with instrumentation and controls for local, remote operation or both.

Fuel Gas Conditioning Skid
Seal Gas Panel

Seal Gas Panel

Seal Gas Panels are often designed to supply seal buffer gas to the shaft seals of various rotating compressors, providing containment of these process gases. The panel includes filters, pressure or flow control valves and various instruments to condition, control, and monitor the gas into and out of the dry gas seals. Arranging all of the instruments in one location near the compressor package simplifies the mechanical, process piping and electrical installation.

The popularity of dry gas seals has increased the need for Gas Seal Panels over the years. The need to reduce cost while maintaining safety and accessibility has lead to many innovations in panel design and construction. The open-frame concept allows for easy process monitoring and maintenance. The flow and pressure requirements of each seal system, the corrosive or explosive nature of the gas, and each customer’s technical specifications provide every panel with unique challenges. Our extensive knowledge of industry standards and trends, along with our design and manufacturing expertise, ensure that your challenges will be met.

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