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Engineering, Fabrication and Installation


Process Package

Process Packages

Design and supply of ‘custom made’ process packages for Chemical and Petrochemical Industry. The process packages are often skid mounted on a structural steel frame and fully assembled and tested prior to shipment to minimize site construction time.

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Fuel Gas Conditioning Skid

Fuel Gas Skid

Engineering and fabrication of Fuel Gas Skid designed to condition natural gas and other combustible gasses before they are injected into a Gas Turbine.

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Modular Plant Design

Modular systems are complete process units, pre-fabricated to the maximum extent possible in our workshop remote from the customer’s plant site. Modular systems are typically built in a controlled environment with all of the added efficiencies. This minimizes the amount of work and resources needed by the customer in the field to construct an operational process unit and provides a considerable reduction of safety risks, construction time and overall project costs.

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Flow Metering Systems

Design and in-house fabrication of (Custody/Fiscal) Flow Metering Systems. For both gas and liquid applications and various types of flow meters (Ultrasonic, Turbine, Coriolis etc.) we offer full system responsibility.

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Pig Launcher / Receiver

FB Group supplied Pipeline Pig Launchers and Receivers are custom engineered products that meet customer, environmental and industry standards. The Pig Launcher / Receiver is built for ease of operation and longevity of service and can be offered with multiple options

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Gas Dehydration Systems

Complete packages for the processing and conditioning of natural gas and hydrocarbon liquids. The processes include Fuel Gas Systems, Glycol Absorption Dehydration and Solid Desiccant Dehydration together with associated separation, filtration, storage, transfer and auxiliary equipment, Fuel Gas systems.

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Subsea Structures

Fabrication, testing and supply of various types of Subsea Structures. Our fabrication projects comprise; project management, procurement, structure and piping fabrication, surface treatment and assembly/test activities (FAT). We can handle designs of subsea structures for any water depth, climate and installation method, anywhere in the world.

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