FB Group is specialized in the design and supply of modular process units. We custom engineer every modular system specifically for each application.

Modular systems are complete process units, pre-fabricated to the maximum extent possible in our workshop remote from the customer’s plant site. Modular systems are mainly built indoors in a controlled, assembly-line fashion with all of the added efficiencies afforded by that practice/procedure. This, in turn, minimizes the amount of work and resources needed by the customer in the field to construct an operational process unit.

The typical modular system will include equipment like pressure vessels, reactors, heat exchangers, pumps and other types of process equipment, all mounted within structural steel frame. The structural steel frame serves as a shipping support and provides access to the equipment during normal operation and for maintenance purposes. After the process equipment is installed within the structural frame, the piping components, the field instrumentation, and the electrical wiring are completed. It is also typical for items like tracing, thermal insulation, lighting, control system, safety showers and fire protection systems to be installed in the module at the assembly shop. A rigorous testing program is conducted of all these components before shipment to the field. The customer’s mechanical specifications, standards and guidelines are followed in every respect, assuring each customer that the system provided will meet all of their expectations.

As a single-source supplier we can provide you with the following services:

  • Detailed engineering (piping, vessels, structural, instrumentation, electrical)
  • Project management
  • Fabrication of vessels, piping, structural items
  • Complete modular assembly incl. piping, E&I, insulation and or tracing
  • Full automation and control system supply
  • Startup assistance and operator training
  • Continued services and advice

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Advantages of Modular Design & Construction

What are the advantages to choose for modular construction over conventional field construction?

Here are some of the most common reasons our customers give:

  • Building a process unit in a workshop, with a well-controlled fabrication sequence, can save months when compared to building outside in a plant environment where work is subject to weather related delays, work permits, work stoppages, waiting for cranes, etc.
  • Modular skid mounted systems construction occurs in parallel with site civil and facilities work in-plant.
  • Start-up time is minimized since modules are shipped fully assembled and tested
  • Modular design build is faster, leading to less labor and material costs.
  • Lower capital and labor costs are achieved through efficient use of material and a smaller field crew.
  • Off-site construction of skid mounted systems does not interrupt or shut-down pre-existing operations.
  • Prices quoted for modular constructed systems are in general firm/lump sum prices, not T&M.
  • Offsite construction of entire process units in the workshop can proceed while (building/environmental) permits are in-process. This can be a significant time saver because permits often take months to obtain and field construction can’t begin until the permits are in hand.
  • In the case where a new process unit is built alongside of an existing operating chemical manufacturing unit, there are many hazards and safety risks associated with the field construction activities.
  • Modular design avoids dozens of contract construction workers walking around in your chemical plant.
  • It minimizes the potential hazards and production interruptions that can occur as a result of fabrication, NDE and testing.
  • Systems undergo full mechanical, instrumentation and process system testing and checkout prior to shipment providing faster startup at site.
  • Higher quality with full compliance to related design codes and quality standards.
  • Safety risks are reduced for plant personnel with fewer onsite OSHA exposure hours and smaller crew sizes.
  • Safety risks are reduced because process skid construction happens in ideal plant conditions.
  • Welding, pipe-fitting and other fabrication processes are performed under ideal conditions.
  • Highly trained and experienced assembly and fabrication technicians are already employed by the modular system provider, ensuring consistent work and worker availability.
  • No extra space is required on-site; skid mounted systems are constructed off-site.
  • Requires a smaller crew and less materials than traditional stick-built operations.
  • Building a process unit in our workshop will unload your project team because you will place only ONE purchase order for the entire system, our project team will take care of the rest.