Independent system integrator

FB Group has an extensive experience in the design and fabrication of (Custody transfer) Flow Metering Systems. As an independent system integrator FB Group is flexible to use various suppliers which enables us to select the best solution for our client’s specific applications and/or specifications.

In house fabrication

Our flow metering systems are skid mounted and will be completely fabricated and tested in our workshop. Due to the in-house fabrication we are able to offer competitive delivery schedules and offer maximum flexibility while maintaining high quality standards during the execution of the project.

The completely assembled packages are supplied with electrical components, instruments and insulation installed. After delivery, our engineers are available to offer installation, commissioning, start-up assistance and training were required.

Liquid and gas flow metering systems

FB Group delivers Flow Metering systems for both gas and liquid applications with various types of flow meters such as Ultrasonic, Turbine, Coriolis etc.. We have delivered Flow Metering skids to various offshore and onshore locations worldwide.

Prover systems

Exact measurement of liquid flow requires on-site meter calibration with liquid at operating conditions. FB Group can provide the metering package with a prover system. Again various types of provers can be selected such as compact provers or an in-house fabricated ball prover fully compliant with relevant codes and standards such as API MPMS chapter 4 and ASME B31.3.

Full responsibility

Through our commitment FB Group offers full system responsibility to deliver a turnkey package.
Our scope includes:

  • project management,
  • mechanical and instrument engineering,
  • in-house fabrication, assembly and testing,
  • Supervisory systems including:
    • flow computers,
    • software programming,
    • control panels,
    • certification,
    • integration with client’s control system.

Upon request our systems can be supplied with filtration, pressure reduction, flow control and analyzer with enclosures.

For one of our completed projects, please visit our references page.

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