Flow Metering Skid with Prover

FB Group was awarded by KNPC Kuwait for the detail design & engineering, fabrication, assembly, testing, transport and commissioning of an ultrasonic flow metering package for custody transfer. The custody transfer flow metering system with prover includes an analyses and control system.

FB Group has an extensive experience in the design and fabrication of (custody transfer) flow metering systems. Our quality system and performance is subject to continuous monitoring by our clients and third-party inspectors. FB Group’s track record and project approach contributed to the award of this project. Learn more about us regarding our project approach.

The skid mounted liquid metering system is including bi-directional sphere prover to obtain the lowest metering uncertainty. For quality measurement automatic sampling and analyzer system are applied to accurately determine the quality of the oil. The programming and configuration of the flow computer and supervisory system was in close cooperation with sub-vendors engineered.

After extensive testing, calibration and quality control the complete flow metering system was ready for transport. The overall dimensions of the ultrasonic flow meter skid and ball prover skid was within transportable requirements for transport by vessel to Kuwait and truck to Al-Zour refinery in Kuwait.

The engineers and operators of KNPC are trained for this flow metering package on site. After the installation on site the liquid flow metering skid is commissioned and tested.