FB Group has been awarded a contract for the supply of a (Natural) Gas Conditioning Plant. This unit includes for (coalescing) filtration, heating, flow measurement and pressure reduction to provide conditioned natural gas to a Power Plant gasturbine for electricity generation. 


At FB Group we are proud on what we make. Our people are experienced, well trained and able to create high quality products due to their excellent workmanship. With their dedication and enthusiasm ‘they can make it happen…’. These pictures, made by our photographer Ludwig van Hooren, show the assembly work in progress on a Seal Gas Panels project.

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Recently FB has fabricated and supplied three transport frames to ship high end pipe spools to their end destination in the Mexican Gulf.

The transport frames were completed ahead of the already challenging schedule. We thank our new client for the confidence shown in FB Group. 

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FB Group is fabricating 6 pcs High Pressure Seal Gas Panels which will be used on a Gas Compressor Package. 

Material for piping and panels is stainless steel. Total 2.700 piping welds are made. When completed the piping is being (hydro)tested at 250 bar to prove strength. 

After pre-fabrication is completed all components will be painted and assembled to become fully equipped units ready for delivery to our client.  

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