End destination is onshore in Africa for an end user in the energy sector.

The project is part of an upgrading program for the production facility to expand the electricity capacity to the grid for a more reliable energy delivery to companies and households.

The scope of supply consists of complete detail engineering for all disciplines, including safety and risk assessments, fabrication, assembly, testing and delivery including export packing. 

Because FB Group has both engineering and fabrication in-house, our customer benefitted from our practical experience in the sales and design phase. Initially started with an approach for delivery of loose equipment such as filters and heaters, we were able to convince the client of the added value of a skid mounted approach. Such as to in minimize site works, tested to the maximum extent at FB workshop prior to shipment.

We delivered a ‘plug and play’ fuel gas conditioning skid to prepare and condition the gas before it enters the turbine, ultimately to generate electricity.

The skid package consists of filters, heaters, auxiliaries and a control panel. The filters are designed for a wide operating envelope due to the several potential feed flows. And we have designed a filter vessel including knock-out section to reduce the overall footprint to reach a compact skid design.

Due to our experience in similar projects we advised the client to approach some aspects differently, for example in selection of instrumentation and control to improve safety and efficiency.

The control panel is in-house engineered and during the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) extended tested.

To secure safe transport to end-destination the complete skid package, including control panel and spare parts, are packed in a wooden box.