Fuel Gas Conditioning Skid

We have delivered twenty-six (26) pieces of fuel gas conditioning skids to end destination Euro-Asia.

This multiannual project is part of large gas pipeline projects to power the flow of natural gas through the almost 2,000 km long pipeline networks. The pipeline will help to meet domestic energy needs and stabilize energy consumption with cleaner natural gas.

The scope of supply consists of engineering, procurement, fabrication, assembly, testing, packing and delivery of the skid mounted packages.

Specific for this project we have developed inhouse a thyristor control panel which is ‘Ex-P’ certified for installation in hazardous zone. The thyristor control panel will act as the local monitoring and control station on the skid. Also the E&I engineering and installation is performed by our qualified personnel.

The material selection of the equipment and process piping is stainless steel. A compact coalescing filter and electric heater condition the natural gas to enable an efficient and continuous performance of the compressor. Also heat tracing and insulation was included in the project execution. The fuel gas conditioning skids are assembled and tested to the maximum extent prior to delivery to ease installation on site.As the end-destination is in very remote area the skids and panels are being packaged and secured for a harsh road trip.