by Stephan van der Toorren Stephan van der Toorren

EquipmentSkid mounted package with duplex filters with automatic drain facilities, one electric heater
(260 kW) and two (2* 100%) pressure control lines. All materials stainless steel 316L.
Skid size: 6 x 2.7 x 2.5 meter. Total weight: 8900 kg.
Flow: 10409 kg/hr. In- / outlet conditions: 20 – 29 barg @ 27°C / 17 barg @ 60°C
(fuel gas for six (6) Solar Centaur 40 turbines)
ScopeMechanical design, engineering, procurement, fabrication, surface treatment,
skid assembly, E&I installation, quality control, testing, packing and delivery.
Added value FBDelivery time; 20 weeks